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You wish :

  • reduce costs of manual polishing
  • improve your polishing quality through better reproducibility
  • make diseases related to musculoskeletal disorders disappear
  • integrate the polishing step to increase the added value of your products



ABC SwissTech has developed a complete range of products for POLISHING (abrasives and equipment) ; full technical assistance is also available for the development or improvement of process through his laboratory.

  • A range of more than 6500 abrasive or polishing (ceramic, Porcelain, plastic, metal…)
  • More than 150 liquid compounds, powders and pastes
  • Vibrators, centrifugal disk, centrifugal barrel, rotative barrels
  • A testing laboratory at your disposal


ABC SwissTech, based in Switzerland, in La Chaux-de-Fonds, historical cradle of watchmaking and microtechnology, is specialized in two main areas :

  • Mass finishing – Deburring – Polishing

  • Water treatment and recycling


polissage abc swisstech







Nous vous proposons un audit gratuit qui vous permettra de vérifier que vous utilisez les produits les mieux adaptés à votre besoin.
Improving your polishing method
Realization of tests in our laboratory
Qualification of parts and measurement of initial and final surface conditions

ABC SwissTech
tel. : + 41 (0) 32 930 2950
Eplatures-grise 17, CH-2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds – SWITZERLAND


Statistically, 90% polishing operations are carried out in a non-industrial manner.
The cost of these operations is often excessive.
And their reproducibility is insufficient…

For simple polishing, polishing tonneau can give excellent results.
It is sometimes also called mechanized polishing, machine polishing or bulk polishing.
The simplest method uses a vibrator or one tonneau rotatif which sets in motion the parts and abrasive media.
If the material is more resistant, it will be possible to use rotating bottom centrifuges or for even more energy, of centrifugal barrel (straight or oblique axis)
Otherwise, if you want a polishing that preserves the initial surface condition as much as possible, the centrifugeuses magnétiques can constitute a particularly interesting track.

As soon as the right treatment parameters have been identified, these techniques can allow you to achieve excellent polishing qualities, up to mirror polish.

Very frequently, the technical specifications of the parts require perfectly controlled edge rounding or breaking of edges. Thereby, on complex parts, it may be required to have edges rounded to a few tenths of a millimeter with a very tight tolerance. Some equipment is very well suited to these objectives and allows to obtain on all the edges of the parts a precise rounding to a few microns. Thereby, the parts are no longer sharp.


Polishing by tribofinishing or trowalization makes it possible to improve the surface quality of the parts by significantly reducing the cost of manual polishing. It also makes it possible to significantly improve the reproducibility of the processes with a mastery of material removals below a micron..

As stated previously, the treatment can be carried out with barrels or vibrators or vibrating bowls ; it can also be achieved with much more sophisticated equipment, such as satellite centrifuges, magnetic centrifuges or smuritropy.

In addition to machines, we advise you to identify in our range the abrasive or polishing media or carrier best suited to your project ; it is also necessary to use an additive or soap which makes it possible to protect the surfaces from the effects of corrosion for example or to give a great shine (up to mirror polish) ; you can control your surface qualities thanks to our range of portable roughness gauges

The processes can be carried out in a wet or dry environment with plant products (But, coquilles de noix, fruit stones or small cubes of special wood species coated or not with diamond paste, for example).








Our laboratory will allow you to identify the best technical solutions, but also to improve existing processes thanks to new media or carriers and to additives or soaps developed by our R department&D.


centrifugeuse fond tournant 18 L.

centrifugeuse fond tournant – capacité : 18 L.