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Which are the limits of vibrators ?

No equipment tribofinition n & rsquo; is better than the others in all situations.
Each recess has advantages and disadvantages.
However, even if the vibrators are in Europe the most common equipment, they have some limitations that can make d & rsquo; d & rsquo other models best suited equipment.


1. The vibratory motion can generate phenomena d & rsquo; hardening especially during the & rsquo; usage of hard media like ceramic white (Porcelain).
This is due to the fact that & rsquo; contact energy between the workpiece and the Media, is perpendicular to the surface of the workpiece.
To mitigate this problem, the rotary barrels generate movements during which the energy is transmitted tangentially.
However, While cycle times become significantly longer with a rotating barrel.
By cons, satellite centrifuge help maintain the & rsquo; advantage of this movement while reducing cycle times vibrators in a ratio of 10 to 25.


2. When the media or rooms are small, the vibrator generates very long cycle time ; sometimes, l & rsquo; energy is totally insufficient to reach the & rsquo; objective sought. Similarly, when burrs are difficult to remove, vibrators can s & rsquo; be insufficient ; their power is often too low what drives users to s & rsquo; towards centrifuges.


3. To treat small parts batches (parts of reduced size), usual vibrators whose volume is often greater than or equal to 25 liters, generating an important process in the end sorting work.

Often, we prefer working in small enclosures :

– rotary barrels from 3 liters

– satellite centrifuge from 0,2 liters

– magnetic centrifuges from 3 liters

– compact vibrators from 3 liters