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Mass finishing basics

What you always wanted to know about finishing

technical solutions for tribofinishing polishing [1]


Mass finishing also called trovalisation, vibropolishing, tumbling or microfinition, incorporates techniques such as polishing chips [2], deburring,fr [3], brightening, rayonage, deoxidation…

Mass finishing was inspired by natural phenomena:

Regular flow of water from a river or the ebb and flow of the sea turns rough stones into pebbles perfectly polished.


The needed ingredients are in these processes:

  • Abrasive media or polishing chips [2] (ceramic, Porcelain, plastic, metal).
  • Les additifs liquides, pâtes ou poudres.
  • Equipment (vibrators, centrifuges…) that generate movements between the chips and parts.
  • quality water adapted to the process (in general).


The parts to be polished or deburred are introduced into a chamber that contains abrasive; this chamber is set in motion (en général vibration ou rotation).

The removal of material, quality ofpolishing chips [4] and the surface condition obtained depend on the composition and size of the media,fr; as well, speed settings and cycle time are fundamental.

Our technical team with its test laboratory composed of more than 40 different equipment is at your disposal to assist you reactively.

Polishing [4]deburring,fr [5], radiusing, deoxidation, smoothing, degreasing, sandblasting [4], blasting, surface cleaning, descaling, correspond to the different possible applications of this method using friction between the chips and parts .

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