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Mass finishing main applications

The applications are numerous tribofinition; the main ones are the following :

– deburring,fr

polishing chips [1]

– rayonage or breaking d & rsquo; stop

– smoothing

– deoxidation

– scouring

– brightening

– degreasing

– sandblasting

– blasting

– cleaning surfaces

– descaling

– chemical polishing

– matage

– lapping

… and the list n & rsquo; not describe.
You will find some examples of the main treatments that can be carried out
Deburring :
Deburr parts resulting from operations
– conventional machining (shooting, milling ...)
– laser machining
– folding-cutting
– foundry, stamping ...
Shelving stop :
Soften sharp edges giving them a well defined radius and controlled without altering the dimensions of the room.
Descaling-stripping :
By chemical action (additives) and physical (machine movement and media), the surface of the parts may be freed of any oxides or other substrate alterations.
Polishing :
Improve Ra by aiming for values ​​up to 0.01µ with excellent uniformity on flat surfaces but also on three-dimensional surfaces whether convex or concave.
frosting :
Degrade Ra, so very uniform to change an aspect, reduce shine, increase the adhesion characteristics. This frosting is often a step following the polishing step.
Polishing has helped smooth the surface irregularities, but will have generated a brightness that can be unwanted (sensitivity to certain manipulations by example) ; mechanical roughening will achieve the desired grain.
Polishing-brightening :
Cosmetic finishes (or appearance) make a very important contribution to the valuation of coins. They bring a real added value.
Passivation :
For many subjects alloys in various forms of oxidation, tribofinishing, by the use of certain additives in an aqueous medium, protects the surface of the parts or modify.
Tribofinishing preload :
For some applications, tribofinishing improves the resistance of materials to fatigue and corrosion.
delicate degreasing :
Tribofinishing constitutes a final degreasing solution that combines the action of classical degreasing additives plus a mechanical action through the media in vibrational or rotational motion.
cleaning hard :
When the classic ultrasonic cleaning techniques in a detergent environment or using solvents, show their limits, tribofinishing can constitute an ultimate cleaning solution that will combine the action of conventional washing additives with in addition a mechanical action thanks to the media in vibratory or rotary motion.