The main rules of operation of the vibrator

That & rsquo; & rsquo s it, whether circular or linear vibrators, the rules & rsquo; use are roughly equivalent.

The degree of filling ( media room) is d & rsquo; approximately 60 to 80%.

Take into account that the vibratory motion (especially when starting and the & rsquo; arrest) does not exceed 80% filling ratios. Otherwise, media fall vibrator.

In this range of filling rate, the higher the rate is low, the process will be more energetic and powerful match deburring ; however, treatment can potentially generate more collisions between parts.

If the filling rate is closer to 75 to 80%, the process will be smooth and rather correspond to polishing operations or brightening.

Modulating the filling rate of the vibrator can be used to compensate the & rsquo; no drive (older models of vibrators).

For the & rsquo; adding & rsquo; additive and d & rsquo; water, all depend on the operating mode (open circuit or batch).

Batch processing, most frequently used for small vibrators corresponds to a treatment with no addition or exhaust & rsquo; water throughout the process. At the end of the process, a longer rinse cycle will often be necessary.

Treatment open circuit corresponds to a continuous addition of & rsquo rejection; d & rsquo net; water and & rsquo; additive; the determination of the & rsquo; additive varies between 2 and 5% of the flow & rsquo; water.


Once the process, flushing will d & rsquo; eliminate micro particles & rsquo; abrasive.

Then, it will make a separation between the parts and the Media.


There are three cases :

1. Magnetic parts :

Using d & rsquo; a magnet, the pieces will be recovered either by immersing the & rsquo; magnet in the vibrator, either by removing the burden of the vibrator.


2. Vibrator with integrated separation :

A trap can guide the load on a screen ramp ; the latter is perforated so that the smaller media that the coins pass through the gate while the coins are pushed by vibration to the output.


3. Vibrator built-separation :

The load is removed from the vibrator or manually, either by the & rsquo; drain hole. The load is then dried and then separated in General & rsquo; using & rsquo; a screening or vibratory separator.