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The basics of the vibrator

Vibrators are the equipment most frequently used at present.

They are relatively economical and practical use.

They can be circular or linear (rectangular).


Principle of Operation :

The vibration of three-dimensional type ; this is a rotation about a horizontal axis, generating a spiral shaped torus.

vibrateur de tribofinition - mvt1 vibrateur de tribofinition - mvt2 machine-tribofinition - mvt4

For circular vibrators, the vibration generator comprises a motor with a vertical axis, a spring assembly holding blocks and eccentrics.

vibrator tribofinition - schema [1]

For linear vibrators, The vibration generator comprises a motor with a horizontal axis, a spring assembly holding blocks and eccentrics.

vibrateur Lineaire de tribofinition mvt

The adjustment of the angle between each eccentric blocks, and their mass determines the amplitude and vibration mode.

Their capacity is defined by the volume of the tank (in general, covered with a plastics material, often polyurethane, to reduce the shocks between the metal parts and the structure of the tank).

The vibrator has the & rsquo; d & rsquo advantage; be simple d & rsquo; use ; it also has the & rsquo; drawback especially for smaller models out of power; thus, for operations & rsquo; deburring or surface smoothing for the & rsquo; 3D printing for example, very long cycle times may be insufficient ; it will be necessary to & rsquo; use more powerful equipment.

To test the vibrator in its best conditions, it will be important to select media with a strong abrasive power ; the media filling rate of & rsquo; order 70-75% of the total volume of the vibrator ; closed circuit, the amount of & rsquo; water will depend on the cycle (in general, we can make the flush & rsquo; water a few centimeters below the level of the media) ; l & rsquo; additive is also important and how much to use depend on & rsquo; desired application ; in general, quantities are proportional to the amount of & rsquo; added water (2-5%) ; the determining factor will be the production of foam ; if the foam level is too high, it will reduce the dosage of & rsquo; additive ; Conversely, if the foam is absent at the end of cycle, it will increase the dosage ; Process for brightening, it will have d & rsquo; a lather ; but beware of the fact that the dosage may require adjustment due to sometimes cleaner parts & rsquo; a batch of parts to the & rsquo; other, to & rsquo; origin & rsquo; foam production much more abundant, can disrupt the & rsquo; treatment efficacy.

The same recommendations s & rsquo; when treating patients with open circuit supply & rsquo; mix water + additive metering pump.

You can also increase the power & rsquo; abrasion your vibrator by adding abrasive powders such as ABC or ABC WA800 A60 which are generally oxides & rsquo; special Aluminum ; the dosage for a vibrator 25 liter of & rsquo; order 200 ml (to adjust for the & rsquo; objective and sensitive parts).

N & rsquo; please describe the difficulties that we can guide you.