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The basics of vibrator setting

The vibration is obviously the & rsquo; fundamental aspect of the vibrator.

It is defined by the engine, eccentric, moving masses (media, coins, water) the springs and the holding tank.

vibrateur de tribofinition - schema

L & rsquo; All these elements should be checked regularly to d & rsquo; avoid any game related to poor fixation & rsquo; component.

The springs must be in good condition and race should not be hampered by example by fixing bars used in the transport of vibrators.

Similarly, the operation of the vibrator is ideal to load conditions (fill rate and density media) well defined.

If you l & rsquo; usual d & rsquo; use gray ceramic (density : about. 2,5 kg/l), Changing the media by the polyester (density : about. 1,7 kg/l), of the rafle of Mais (density : about. 0,7 kg/l) or l & rsquo; stainless (density : about. 6 kg/l) require modifications more or less important.

Finally, the most important is related to the setting eccentric. L & rsquo; angle between the two groups d & rsquo; eccentric is usually 90 degrees.

It can be modulated to change the moving speed.

Similarly, changing weights (Eccentric) allows you to change the vibration overall.