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Mass finishing guide

As with many activities, tribofinishing requires methodology.
The polishing [1] as well as deburring can be very simple or very complex depending on the case and the correct methodology used.

Be organized and rigorous; also be persistent and do not stop the early difficulties.

The main advantage of tribofinishing is to provide reproducible results if you properly follow the operating conditions of your treatments.

The few pages of this site will allow you d & rsquo; get much answers your questions;

however, n & rsquo; feel free to contact us if needed.

Finally, try not to forget that & rsquo; most of the results is due to the abrasives that are characterized by their composition and size; thus, n & rsquo; be sure to ask the following question : what is the media compounds, abrasive powders and additives that I & rsquo; d & rsquo plans; use before losing long hours in multiple trials…