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How to choose abrasive chips ?

The choice of & rsquo; equipment best suited to a mass finishing operation is an important point in our range of over 150 different models (vibrators, centrifuges different families, rotative barrels…).

The choice of media is equally important, see more ; but the range of over 6500 products may seem difficult to understand.

They are chosen according to:

– The objective (deburring,fr, polishing chips [1], edges radiusing, brightening, sand blasted effect...) and parts material that define the abrasive power of the chips (more or less abrasive, or polishing) ; thus, for harder materials such as hardened steel or ceramics or zircones, one will choose a more powerful abrasive compared with more ductile materials such as brass, s & rsquo; Aluminum, Niobium or the & rsquo; Or.

– The size and morphology of the parts define the shape and dimensions of the chips


Main product code:

Shape codification :

–       ACC: angle cut cylinder: Angle cut cylinder

–       SCC: straight cut cylinder: Straight Cut Cylinder

–       ACT: angle cut triangle: angled cut triangle

–       SCT: straight cut triangle: straight cut triangle

–       BALL: ball

–       SCTS ou ACTS: angle or straight cut tristar

–       P : pyramid

–       WEDGE: wedge

–       CONE: cone

–       Paraboloid: Paraboloid

 Most common material codification (non-exhaustive list) :






Some basic elements for choosing the right chips :