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How to choose abrasive chips ?

The choice of & rsquo; equipment best suited to a mass finishing operation is an important point in our range of over 150 different models (vibrators, centrifuges different families, rotative barrels…).

The choice of media is equally important, see more ; but the range of over 6500 products may seem difficult to understand.

They are chosen according to :

– The objective (deburring, polishing [1], edges radiusing, brightening, sand blasted effect...) and parts material that define the abrasive power of the chips (more or less abrasive, or polishing) ; thus, for harder materials such as hardened steel or ceramics or zircones, one will choose a more powerful abrasive compared with more ductile materials such as brass, s & rsquo; Aluminum, Niobium or the & rsquo; Or.

– The size and morphology of the parts define the shape and dimensions of the chips

Main product code :

Shape codification :

– ACC : angle cut cylinder : Angle cut cylinder

– SCC : straight cut cylinder : Straight Cut Cylinder

– ACT : angle cut triangle : angled cut triangle

– SCT : straight cut triangle : straight cut triangle

– BALL : ball

– SCTS ou ACTS : angle or straight cut tristar

– P : pyramid

– WEDGE : wedge

– CONE : cone

Paraboloid : Paraboloid

Most common material codification (non-exhaustive list) :

Ceramic :

Porcelain :

plastic :

Metallic :

Ceramic and polyester media (plastics) are composed of a binder and abrasive powders ; these abrasive powders are characterized by their composition (Al2O3-alumina or Aluminum oxide, SiO2, SiC-carbon from silicon, Diamond micro-powders, BoC-Boron Carbide, BoN…) and by their grain size ; this grain size defines the abrasive power of the media ; the bigger it is, the greater the removal of material with each pass of the grain, but will generate a medium to low quality roughness.

The grain size of these powders is expressed in mesh or in microns ; watch out for these 2 scales are opposite – the lower the mesh value, the greater the value in microns and vice versa.

Finally, it is absolutely necessary to distinguish the media from the abrasive powder that constitutes it ; the media is like a grinding wheel made of a binder in which abrasive grains are positioned on the surface and in the heart ; it is these abrasive grains that generate the removal of material ; these abrasive grains have sharp edges which, like tools, will gradually see their sharpness degrade and thus lose their cutting power ; to avoid this problem, the binder must wear down a few microns to reveal new abrasive grains whose sharp cutting edges will give new cutting power.

Note that in some cases, it is possible to combine abrasive media (with abrasive grains) with loose abrasive powders ; it is also possible to use only loose abrasive powders without media (usually on high energy equipment)…

Some basic elements for choosing the right chips :