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Checklist tribofinishing before test

This checklist is as a tool to ensure that you have all the elements to make treatment tribofinition or we can help you to study feasibility the project and define the conditions and costs.

1. Description of the part :

– plan

– material

– Ra brute

– Photos of burrs (if they are not characterized)

2. Goals :

– deburring,fr

– rack of bones (value of the radii d & rsquo; stop to clarify)

– polishing chips (Ra final)

– brightening, anti-rust protection…

3. Quantity of parts to be processed per day / per week.

4. Description of vibratory finishing equipment available.

5. Provision of some blanks and possibly d & rsquo; a room “goal”.


As soon as the & rsquo; these essential elements & rsquo; information have been collected, testing can begin.


It is very important that the operating conditions of the tests are fully specified.

Otherwise, you might not be able to reproduce a result which will have given you satisfaction.

The main parameters are as follows :

– Equipment

– Chips (+ quantity)

– Compounds (+ quantity)

– Additional abrasive

– Type d & rsquo; water (+ quantity)

– Number of pieces in process

– Operating in batch or open circuit