Polishing tubular parts TA6V (EOS M290)

In additive manufacturing, les imprimantes 3D EOS se développent très rapidement ; mais le principal problème reste la qualité souvent insuffisante des états de surfaces obtenues ; de plus, les pièces étant en général assez complexes, le polissage par des méthodes conventionnelles pose de grandes difficultés.

ABC SwissTech has developed for a major aeronautical player a set of technical solutions including specific equipment,,fr,as well as a range of abrasive media,,fr,silicon base,,fr,The initial roughness is about,,fr,μm for the outside of the room and about,,fr,μm for the inside of the tubular part,,fr,after treatment,,fr,the values ​​obtained are from,,fr (centrifugeuse satellitaire à axe oblique) ainsi qu’une gamme de médias abrasifs – base silicium.

La rugosité initiale est d’environ 25 µm for external surfaces of the part and about 35 µm for internal surface of the tubular part; after a treatment of 4 hours, the obtained values are 0.2 µm for external surfaces of the part and about 0.5 µm for internal surface of the tubular part.

This process has also made possible to appreciably improve the compression stresses and consequently the fatigue resistance..

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