polishing parts from 3D printing – stratasys

In additive manufacturing, 3D printers from Stratasys Polyjet company grow very quickly ; mais le principal problème reste la qualité souvent insuffisante des états de surfaces obtenues ; de plus, les pièces étant en général assez complexes, le polissage par des méthodes conventionnelles pose de grandes difficultés.

ABC SwissTech developed for a company active in the medical sector a set of technical solutions including specific equipment (centrifugeuse satellitaire à axe oblique) and a range of abrasive media - silicon base.

La rugosité initiale est d’environ 18 µm for external surfaces of the part and about 32 µm for internal surface of the tubular part; after a treatment of 4 hours, the obtained values are 0.2 µm for external surfaces of the part and about 0.5 µm for internal surface of the tubular part.

L & rsquo; equipment can handle 120 items in a batch, which represents a cycle time of 2 minutes per room ; the cost of & rsquo; equipment is 19.000 Euros and the cost d & rsquo; parts per farm is 1.15 Euro.
The laboratory & rsquo; d & rsquo testing; ABC Swisstech enables a small study & rsquo; identify & rsquo; vibratory finishing equipment best suited among the 150 model range ; it will also select the appropriate reference abrasive media and provide the details of the process applied and technical support for staff in charge of treatment.