Polishing complex parts from additive manufacturing – 3D print

In additive manufacturing, imagination helps to break all the usual technical limits. Le dernier problème reste la qualité souvent insuffisante des états de surfaces obtenues pour des pièces très complexes rendant le polishing by conventional methods impossible.

ABC SwissTech developed for a major aerospace player a set of technical solutions that we have appointed “homogeneous polishing”.

Some concrete data : initial roughness is about 25 µm for internal surfaces of the part and about 35 µm for internal surface of the tube; after a treatment of 4 hours, the obtained values are 0.2 µm for internal surfaces of the part and about 0.5 µm for internal surface of the tube.

This process has also made it possible to appreciably improve the compression stresses and consequently the fatigue resistance.,fr.

For the medical sector or for guides, the objective may be limited to eliminate all potentially releasable grains, not necessarily polished surface.

Some examples of parts on which the laboratory has worked recently.

Thank you to our partners who have authorized to reproduce these photographs.

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