Development of process – Testing laboratory

ABC SwissTech can assist you in improving your polishing and deburring by tribofinishing. With significant technical means at our disposal in our test lab and the experience of our technicians and engineers, we can help you on the following topics :

Polishing :

  • Improved Ra on complex surfaces
  • Obtaining “mirror-polish”
  • Reduced cycle time
  • Removal of corrosion problems on steel components
  • Change of the composition of Copper chips (less polluting for parts and water)
  • Using chips based on silicon replacing Aluminium oxide (medical applications – problem with electrodeposition or weldability)

Deburring :

  • Deburring delicate parts or with difficult accessibility
  • Treatment of very difficult burrs (in the case of tool use in later life or tearing of material)
  • Reducing cycle time in the case of long-term deburring


We can offer you study missions on the basis of specifications.

We are also able to :

  • Define solutions
  • Perform tests on your part to improve the existing mass finishing process
  • Design equipment and consumables specific to your application
  • Conduct pre-series over periods of weeks to months on productions that will be transferred in your workshops

Do not hesitate to contact us so that together we find a solution to your mass finishing problem !