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3D printing - Polishing using a new tribofinishing process

In the field of additive manufacturing, 3D printers are developing very quickly ; mais le principal problème reste la qualité médiocre des états de surfaces ; indeed, the roughness of the surfaces is always quite high and the parts are generally complex, polishing by conventional methods n & rsquo; is not suitable.

ABC SwissTech a développé un ensemble de solutions techniques incluant un équipement spécifique (concept-based “HP : homogeneous polishing”) ainsi qu’une gamme de médias abrasifs adaptés à ces formes parfois très complexes ; thus, media that are smaller than 0.3 mm permettent de traiter des motifs particulièrement ouvragés ; finally, in extreme cases, abrasive whose size avoisinne micron, Diamond-based, are now available.

piece3 print3D [1] pale print 3D [2] piece print 3D [3] piece2 print 3D [4] turbine print 3D [5]


2020 saw the development of a new polishing technology, based on a high energy vibratory regime and the use of very high density abrasive media ; this technical solution allows the polishing of parts resulting from even more complex 3D printing ; as well, cycle times have been significantly reduced.

large [6] 3d-systems-prox-320-laserform-alsi10mg-heat-exchanger-hero [7] unnamed [8]

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