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Rotary barrels

Rotary vibratory finishing equipment barrels are rotary movement and non-vibrating,,fr,They allow to perform polishing operations and d & rsquo; deburring,,fr,mass finishing vibrators are often easier d & rsquo; use,,fr,But satellite centrifuges replace more often,,fr,c & rsquo; is mainly the power of work and the complexity of the generated movement which can process less simple parts,,fr. They make it possible to carry out polishing chips [1] and deburring.

They can provide very good surface due to sliding motion between the parts and the media (wave phenomenon).

tumbling [2]

tonneau rotatif

Cbar-Compact1 [3]


L’inconvénient de ces équipements tient à la longueur des temps de cycle.

Ergonomics can be quite interesting allowing to transfer the load (workpieces and chips) directly (in) a sieving equipment.

These equipments can be used in various ways :
– in a humid environment (water + additive) with ceramic or polyester media, but also with stainless steel media, steel or other materials (Copper, Molybdenum, Etain…)
– dry with wooden media, plastic or other

Deburring barrel without water : Dry Cbarr200 [4]


Mass finishing vibrators [5] vibratory finishing are often easier d & rsquo; use,,fr,But the,,fr,replace more often,,fr,vibratory finishing are often easier d & rsquo; use,,fr,But the,,fr,replace more often,,fr.

Mais les centrifugal barrel [6] les remplacent de plus en plus souvent ; c’est surtout la puissance de travail et la complexité du mouvement généré qui permet de traiter des pièces moins simples.

CSAT30IA - MVT8 [7]


For more information, check out our pdf sheet :

Rotary barrels [8]