Mass finishing equipment

ABC SwissTech proposes all the existing families of equipment.

This ensures that we will offer the best model for your project; from some 120 different models in our range; you find on this site the most common models; you will also find some recent development as magnetic centrifuges ; feel free ton contact us for more details. To know more about this…


Vibrators :

Mass finishing vibrators are conventional equipment for deburring for deburring and deburring polishingin bulk. They can be circular or linear. The size of the equipment begins with some liters and can exceed 3000 liters.


Rotary barrels :

The rotating barrels are devices that generate a rotational movement about an horizontal axis.

This type of equipment is suitable for flat pieces for which the vibrators have some drawbacks.


Centrifugal disks :

This type of equipment allows to realize deburring operations about 5 times faster than a vibrator ; they present some drawbacks, especially about the rotary sealing.


Centrifugal barrels or magnetic centrifuges :

This family of devices has been developed more recently. They allow to realize deburring operations 5 times faster than a centrifugal disk without the disadvantage of the wear of rotating sealing.

This is today the most powerful equipment.



For more information, check out our pdf sheet :

Centrifugal barrels
Centrifugal disks
Rotary barrels
Vibrating separators (sieving)



We also develop equipment based on special specifications (magnetic equipment, smuritropy, automated lines, mold polishing…).