magnetic polishing – New solutions for the & rsquo; deburring and smoothing surfaces

It was important to clearly separate centrifugal barrels from centrifugal disk. The satellite centrifuge has the great advantage of not having a rotary joint; it is often so difficult to maintain and adjust. The magnetic centrifuge has meanwhile been developed for complex applications : need polishing or light deburring of hollow parts. With this equipment, the very special chips movement allows to deburr the inner areas of parts : bores or threads. This equipment was presented to the Industry show in Lyon as that & rsquo; technological innovation.

ABC Swisstech has developed a special solution for d & rsquo; deburring and smoothing rough surfaces which are high; the concept uses diamond abrasives with a size of a few microns.

magnetic centrifugal

magnetic centrifugal

complex magnetic movementmagnetic centrifugal - movement

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