3D printing – Polishing by mass finishing

In the field of additive manufacturing, 3D printers are developing very quickly ; mais le principal problème reste la qualité médiocre des états de surfaces ; indeed, the roughness of surfaces are still quite high and the parts being in general rather complex, polishing by conventional methods n & rsquo; is not suitable.

ABC SwissTech developed a technical solution including specific equipment as well as & rsquo; a range of abrasive media suitable for these sometimes very complex shapes ; thus, media with a size of & rsquo; order 0.3 mm permettent de traiter des motifs particulièrement ouvragés ; finally, in extreme cases, abrasive whose size avoisinne micron, Diamond-based, are being developed and should be available d & rsquo; by the end of the & rsquo; year.

piece3 print3D pale print 3D piece print 3D piece2 print 3D turbine print 3D